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PPM Advisory Services

Terry Doerscher, PPM Practice Head

PPM Advisory Services

Headed by Terry Doerscher, PPM Practice Lead, BOT International is pleased to offer the following project portfolio management (PPM) advisory services provided by internationally-recognized PPM and PMO experts. Our all-inclusive packages are designed to give you the right information, experience and cost-effective support at each stage of the PPM implementation process, from initial investigation though deployment and operation. Large consulting organizations or software vendors have inherent conflicts of interest. Additionally, they typically do not even make top-tier expert resources available without first committing to a substantial software purchase or extended services. Our advocacy-based PPM practice uniquely places your success as our first priority. This gives you unprecedented level of access to highly qualified subject matter experts that are focused on maximizing your value, lowering implementation risk and helping you successfully achieve business results.

PPM Advisory Services

PPM 010: PPM Preparation Workshop

Designed for organizations that are considering or beginning a project portfolio management (PPM) initiative, this one-day workshop will help you to understand what PPM offers, the range of PPM options, determine which PPM approach is right for you, and how to successfully structure a PPM selection, design, development and deployment process. Topics include:

  • Introduction to portfolio management concepts and key best practices
  • The PPM landscape, state of the discipline and industry overview
  • How to build and use a Portfolio Management Process Map
  • Structuring and scoping a PPM initiative
  • Managing PPM tool and vendor selection
  • Implementation planning, preparation and management
  • Ongoing operations and the role of the PMO

PPM 010.1: Customer-specific workshop at your location, tailored to your needs. For organizations that are ready to initiate a PPM program and need to establish a common point of reference for key stakeholders. Package includes up to 24 participants, 3 copies of our PPM reference library, and one hour of remote follow-up consultation.

  • Price: $3995*
  • Duration: One day

PPM 010.2: BOT-hosted public workshop is ideal for those who need to provide an overview of PPM to only 1-2 individuals before considering further investment. Registration includes the PPM reference library. Attendees are responsible for travel-related expenses to the event. See for workshop schedules, locations, and prices.

PPM 020.1: PPM Snapshot - Qualitative Current State Review

This on-site engagement includes an objective assessment of current organizational challenges, approaches, processes, staffing, information and toolsets; a qualitative benchmark of overall project and organizational maturity and change management capabilities, a measure of general readiness, and review of potential improvement opportunities. Package includes one hour of remote follow-up consultation.

  • Price: $3795*
  • Duration: One day

Special Offer: PPM 010.01 Customer Workshop and 020.1 Snapshot Review

  • Price: $6995*
  • Duration: Two days

PPM 020.2 Organizational Alignment Assessment

This is an onsite engagement to conduct a quantified assessment of organizational alignment on three key planes: Strategic, Functional, and Cultural. Engagement includes on-site interview of key stakeholders; an internal online survey of relevant staff; results analysis and mapping your degree of alignment; includes a follow-up report with summary and high level recommendations.

  • Price: $7995
  • Duration: Two days

Special Offer: PPM 010 Workshop and PPM 020.1 Snapshot and PPM 020.2 Assessment

  • Price: $12,995*
  • Duration: Four days

PPM 030: PPM Roadmap

The PPM Roadmap service is a collaborative road-mapping session to facilitate building consensus between executive sponsors and senior managers and create a framework for your PPM initiative. Includes: development of business objectives & strategies, opportunity analysis, identification of high-value, low risk improvements; PPM/PMO investment business case development, prioritization, timeline development and estimation of specific opportunities.

  • Price: $7995
  • Duration: Two days

Special Offer: ‘Busy Week’ package including PPM 010 through 030: workshop, assessments and roadmap

  • Price: $19,995*
  • Duration: Five Days

Additional PPM Advisory Services

Take advantage of as much or as little support as you need to architect a successful PPM initiative with our flexible ad hoc support services. Costs are based on individual engagement durations and total services acquired. Example PPM support services include:

  • Detailed improvement initiative planning
  • PPM vendor and delivery analysis aligned to organizational characteristics and needs
  • PPM RFP development, vendor analysis and short-listing support
  • PPM proof-of-concept and on-site trial support
  • PPM vendor selection guidance and coaching
  • PPM vendor negotiation and procurement support
  • PPM implementation team development and talent acquisition
  • PPM coaching for sponsors and project team
  • PPM process development support
  • PPM training plan development for key concepts and practices
  • PPM user adoption planning and support
  • PPM post-production analysis, tuning, and ongoing improvement program planning
  • PMO design and development services

* Note: All prices listed are for services conducted within the United States. Please contact us for international pricing.

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