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Project Closeout And Lessons Learned

Mel Bost, Project Closeout and Lessons Learned Practice

Project Closeout And Lessons Learned Advisory Services

Led by Mel Bost, Project Closeout and Lessons Learned Practice Lead, BOT International is pleased to offer the following Project Closeout and Lessons Learned services provided by internationally-recognized PMO experts. Mel has over 30 years experience in PMO setup and lessons learned implementations with major Fortune 500 organizations.  Each engagement will be planned with PMO Management and uniquely designed for your business context. Our all-inclusive packages are designed to give you the right information, experience and cost-effective support to successfully closeout projects and capture, document and share lessons learned. Unlike large consulting organizations or software vendors who have inherent conflicts of interest, and who typically do not make expert resources available without a commitment or tie-in to a substantial software purchase or billable services engagement, our Project Closeout and Lessons Learned Practice uniquely places your success as our first priority. This gives you an unprecedented level of access to subject matter experts and the confidence that comes from a top-tier advocacy that is focused on maximizing your value, lowering your risk and helping you successfully achieve your business results.

Project Closeout and Lessons Learned Advisory Services

PCOLL 010: Project Closeout And Lessons Learned Culture Initiative

This initiative is a three to five day on-site intensive examination of current project culture and introduction to effective culture change techniques. The engagement will instill an appreciation for the value of a Project Lessons Learned Culture on a continuous process improvement basis. The engagement heavily draws upon the latest organizational dynamics methods and research to assist groups in developing a “commitment” to a lessons learned culture that will be long-lasting and add value to the PMO or project group.

  • Price: $7500 to $10,000
  • Duration: Three to five days

PCOLL 020: Project Closeout And Lessons Learned Workshop

This three-day workshop introduces a Framework that has been successfully employed by several major project and PMO organizations to capture, document, and share Project Lessons Learned. This workshop is designed for groups of 20 or less to engage participants in group discussion of issues facing their project organizations in the specific business context. At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to identify candidates for Project Lessons Learned, document the Lessons Learned in an MS Word Template, consider alternatives for Sharing Lessons Learned, and recommend continuous process improvements to existing processes based on the documented Lessons Learned.

  • Price: $7500*
  • Duration: Three days

PCOLL 030 Project Closeout And Lessons Learned Implementation Engagement

This consulting engagement combines the three-day workshop PCOLL 010 with actual consultant hands-on collaboration in a one-to-one setting which addresses the business context of the PMO or project group and the stakeholders of immediate interest to the project groups. This is an intensive consulting engagement and success depends heavily on PMO Management and Company Management leadership and desire to instill a continuous improvement culture based on “actionable” project lessons learned.

  • Price: $10,000*
  • Duration: Five days

PCOLL 040: Project Closeout And Lessons Learned Short Course

This is an intensive one-day workshop that is patterned after the three-day PCOLL 010 Workshop, but leverages the experience of participants as skilled project managers to fully understand the importance and value of project lessons learned from the outset of the course. Participants in this one day workshop will be “selected” by PMO or Company Management/Leadership and the participants will be expected to become “mentors” to other project teams and project support groups as a culture of lessons learned value becomes institutionalized in the organization. Group size will be set by the instructor and PMO Management.

  • Price: $3750
  • Duration: One-Day Intensive for Skilled Project Managers

* Note: All prices listed are for services conducted within the United States. Please contact us for international pricing.

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