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Project Management Process, PMBOK, SDLC, PMO, SOX Compliance

PMO Administrative Services & Support

PMO ezPASS is a services program in which BOT International acts as an extension of your team to help you maintain your PMO content repository. PMO ezPASS is well suited to help you with the periodic updating of your PMO content.

Maintaining Your PMO Content Repository

When needed, PMO ezPASS resources can help you with:

  • Improvement of your existing PMO content respository
  • Review with management and users to identify new PMO content needs
  • Traning new administrators and users of your PMO content repository

Customer Driven

Our PMO specialists speak your language and understand the areas of help that you need in maintaining your PMO content repository.

Collaborative Teamwork

PMO ezPASS services can be provided onsite or remotely.

Fast Results

PMO ezPASS services can be quickly scheduled and performed ensuring continued effectiveness of your PMO content repository.

Cost Effective

PMO ezPASS services provide a cost effective alternative to dedicated staffing of subject matter experts as well as external contracting of project management consultants.

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