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Project Management Process, PMBOK, SDLC, PMO, SOX Compliance

Welcome To BOT International

We specialize in helping organizations set up PMO content. We provide a PMO content repository called Processes On Demand that helps you quickly and cost effectively set up your own repository of PMO content.

Product Overview

Click on the link below to view a three minute narrated presentation that provides an executive overview of Processes On Demand.

Project Management Process, PMBOK, SDLC, PMO, SOX Compliance Processes On Demand - Executive Overview (3 minutes)

What Is Processes On Demand?

Processes On Demand is a repository of PMO content that provides processes, templates, dashboards, learning resources and supporting PMO information that you can rapidly set up, rebrand with your own logos, and hyperlink connect to components of your PMO architecture such as PPM tools and collaboration environments.

A Proven Solution For PMO Content

Processes On Demand has been chosen by PMOs of all types and sizes for setting up PMO content over other alternatives and approaches by more than 1,000 organizations including Fortune 1000 firms, Middle-Market companies, Government organizations, and Technology companies. See benefits, testimonials, and FAQs.

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